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Directional Motion – when motion is detected in a specific direction, an alarm is triggered. Users have wide flexibility in defining areas of interest and activity thresholds to minimize false alarms.

Adaptive Motion – advanced motion detection behavior calibrates to scene conditions, allowing the system to distinguish targets from other movement in a scene, such as headlight glare, leaves blowing, a flag flying or snow falling. It is ideal for identifying people and vehicles in parking lots and perimeter detection.

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Are you a contractor, looking to secure your projects?
Our team of experienced security specialist can adapt and plan a unique On-Site security solution to ensure your sites security alongside the planned development of your construction project, working closely with your project management team to minimize disruption, project vandalism, theft and maximize your work-site safety. All of our security Construction Surveillance Systems are fully mobile and are equipped with wireless access points that provide reliable media streaming up to 6 miles, The system can be securely monitored remotely via mobile phone applications. 



IP Camera Solutions Inc can supply movable access point towers for dynamic and rapidly connectivity for evolving and large projects. Our goal is providing our clients with high-end state-of-art construction security surveillance camera system that protects your project as the stages complete at a cost-effective rental solution, also we provide effective central station remote monitoring 24/7 to construction sites across Canada. 

Our premium package contains one PTZ camera which offers a 360° Pan, Tilt and Zoom ensuring a much larger range of site coverage than standard fixed cameras. this type of camera offers exceptional performance in low light conditions for nighttime construction bright IR LED and industry-leading 23-36x optical zoom without affecting image quality. Our Mobile PSU Systems are equip with built-in heaters for extreme outdoor weather conditions and are fully vandal proof.

Services Includes

  • User-friendly professional software providing live access to your cameras 24/7.

  • Off-Grid Solar Powered Units, no power distribution is required

  • 5G Fast LTE Internet Network for remote viewing via Smart Phone, PC, Tablet from any location.

  • Two way communication capabilities provide alerts, prevent trespass, deterrent and vandalism.

  • Advanced perimeter protection with built-in Siren.

  • Real-time notifications to help enforce security regulations.

  • Reduced down-time, security and property damage costs.

  • Video evidence and reports to verify on-site incidents such as jobsite injuries, employee hours, and trade/worker disputes.

  • License plate and Face Recognition camera capabilities. (OPTIONAL)

     Promotional Offer Only $299/Monthly 


To schedule a demo, or to request more information on how to obtain one of our rental Mobile PSU Systems please click here.

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Mobile Features Included:


Mobile Remote Viewing & Monitoring

Cloud Storage & Face Detection

Real-Time HD Resolution

Video Management VMS

Local Recording & Cloud Storage 

Video Analytics and 2-way audio

Intrusion Detection & Motion Events

Email Notification & Alerts

24/7 Central Station Monitoring

Mobile Notification Alerts

Smart Alarm Mobile App

People Counting – this behavior counts people when motion is detected in a specific direction. Users have a wide flexibility in defining areas of interest and activity thresholds. An alarm is generated when the threshold is exceeded.

Loitering Detection – when people or vehicles remain in a defined zone longer than the user-defined time allows, an alarm is activated. This behavior is effective in real-time notification of suspicious behavior

Object Removal – alarm triggers when a stationary object, such as a piece of art, is removed from a selected scene. This analytic behavior allows the user to define an object or area of interest in a scene. Motion is allowed in the protected zone, but if an object is removed, an alarm is triggered.

IP Camera Solutions Inc perimeter protection solution is designed to provide a high-efficiency, reliable, cost-effective and visual system powered by video intelligence technology. High-definition and AI-enabled security CCTV products can offer precise and predictive intrusion alert, and record detailed visual information at the right time to prevent and stop criminal activity.

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Camera Sabotage – advanced video loss detection recognizes when video has been compromised. For example, if a vandal paints or covers a lens, or reaches to move a fixed camera away from an intended scene, an alarm is triggered.

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    24/7 Central Station     Monitoring with Video Verification

   Special Promotion 


       On an 8/Month Rental Trerm



Video Management System (VMS) 

Most of our solar powered Mobile PSU Systems include an embedded, fully functional video management system. Video storage can be recorded onto SD cards on-board the camera or SSD drives when using an embedded fan-less industrial computer. This creates a 100% fully autonomous stand-alone system.

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Video Analytics


Video analytics embedded at the camera level are capable of specifically identifying humans and vehicles. 

Differentiate alarm trigger type into human and vehicle.
Rules can be set to limit different trigger type according to the real requirements.


24/7 Operations

Our solar electric powered camera systems are guaranteed to operate 24/7/365 at your specific location. Your solar power plant will be designed and customized on total system power requirement, duty cycle and geographic location to ensure that system is cost-effective and reliable.


The rate of false alarms triggered by small animals, tree movement, shadows, and bright lights is significantly lower than traditional IVS solutions.

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Farther Detection

Requires 64% less pixels for recognition compared to traditional IVS solutions, allowing each perimeter protection camera to cover larger areas from further away.

Quick Search & Tracing

Our Systems utilize “smart search” feature to quickly search video footage by trigger type of human or vehicle.
Easy for end users to trace historical information and analyze.

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Construction & Remote Site

CCTV Solutions

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