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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Flexible and high performance systems we offer at IP Camera Solutions.
Access when you need it most,

Flexibility and performance

Access control from Avigilon starts with a platform that can scale to the needs and ever-changing environment of your business. Our solutions range from entry-level to enterprise systems that provide the flexibility and performance you expect from a technology-driven security company.



                                                     Our access systems are comprised of two                                                                  offerings that will cover most market needs: an                                                      enterprise  system, Access Control Manager, and an                                                     entry-level system, Web Embedded Controller.

IP Camera Solutions offers some of the most comprehensive solutions for today's growing businesses that are seeking an easy-to-use and highly reliable access control system, Remember security should be the most

important factor within the busy lifestyles of the ever changing 

work environment. 


Choosing an access control system, 


Door readers and physical credentials come in many

varieties, IP Camera Solutions provides bio-metric readers

with their own memory and processors for making decisions,

as well as mobile credentials that incorporate the highest level

of encryption bit security. 

IP Camera Solutions, provides cost effec

Electronic key card access control systems are one of the most secure access control systems currently available. These systems replace locks on any door with electronic devices that are operated by swiping an authorized card which then unlocks the door.

This helps keep unauthorized trespassers out of the building while keeping track of your daily traffic in and out of building. With the notification feature enable you can receive notifications via email or mobile app on the go.

Need to keep unwanted guests out, or at least have control of employee's and visitors accessing your building ?

Remote Mobile Credential is a cloud-based credential delivery app for use with new or existing access control systems equipped with

K-SMART3 mobile-ready readers.

Hassle free maintenance no need to replace lost credential key cards.

IP CAMERA SOLUTIONS, Mobile Access Contr

To determine if you need an access system, please consider the following factors.

  1. Building Security

  2. Remote Access 

  3. Employee Management 

  4. Entry History records

  5. Authorize Security Entry

  6. Less expensive in the long run

  7. Hassle Free Operations

  8. Faster, safer than locks

The basic role of an access system is to keep unwanted guests out or at least have control of access. A storage facility can benefit from both a gate entry system and a key less entry system for the individual storage units. Remote access is a huge benefit so individuals no longer have to travel to location to unlock or lock doors, easily done remotely saving time and money.Also, access systems are customization so the manager can have higher limits than the employees, set the rights per individual to ensure the access level desired. 

One huge advantage would be controlling access to your business, access control systems can be integrated with other operations and security systems. Alarm monitoring that will take action if an intruder breaches your security area,

IP Camera Solutions provides the necessary software that will track time and attendance for your employees, which can simplify your day-to-day office operations and cut a tremendous cost by saving you time management, this might be a features you want to consider.

Smart Card Access
Determinig Access Needs
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