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Networking Solutions

Network Solutions & Data Cabling

IP Camera Solutions offers quality networking and data cabling solutions.
Data Cabling & Patch Panels

IP Camera Solutions will increase the reliability and speed of your data cabling installations with our leading brand in patch panels and quality Cat6 Cabling, built to serve you for ten to twenty years, longer than any other part of your network, yet it may account for a relatively small proportion of your IT budget.


Over this period the demands on your IT infrastructure will increase, so you need to provide for growth and flexibility. We have a network team with high level of experience geared to provide you and your business with a reliable network infrastructure, structured data cabling that is affordable, reliable and efficient.

Data networking systems are crucial for organisations that want to remain efficient and secure. Stand out and benefit from a data cabinet installation that doesn’t just look great, but provides both you and your company with a level of security that is second to none. We have a wide selection of data racks and server cabinets to suit every environment and budget


Our technicians have over 16 years’ experience in designing and installing industry leading structured data cabling, networks for organisations of all

shapes and sizes.Why give

yourself the unnecessary

headaches wondering

what goes where!

No More Worries,
We specialize In the most types of data cabling infrastructure that you require, from Cat5 -Cat6 and newly ratified Cat8.

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