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Mobile Automations

Check system status, arm/disarm and trigger automations from virtually anywhere.

Alarm Systems

 Smarter Security, for Smarter Homes. 

Stay safe protect your family, home and business with our Smart Home Alarm Systems.

FREE Professional installation included
Basic Alarm System

Smart Home

Check your system status,    arm/disarm and trigger                automatons. 

Smart Door Locks.jpg

Z-Wave Door Locks

 Knowing who's going and

  coming, grant access without the need to cut            new keys each time.

remote cam viewing.jpg

Live Video

 Viewing live video and

recorded video clips from the convenience of your 

  smartphone or tablet. Look into our Smart Home Alarm System today!

  • All-in-One Smart Home Security made simple.

  • Easy to use, very user friendly, you can schedule automatically automation as you come and go.

  • Senses Motion & Sound, Captures & Sends mobile alerts.

  • day or night with smart motion detection, attached one of our smart motion activated night vision cameras and record crispy clear HD-1080p Video, with full audio.

  • Enroll with Amazon Alexa and enjoy the freedom.

  • Voice activate controls, tell Alexa to arm your system at nights or from the comfort of any room, check the weather, ask questions, control other devices, and more.

  • Smart Home Integration & Automation.

  • Control Z-Wave Light, Thermostats, Plugs and Smart Kitchen Appliances, It’s easy to connect compatible smart devices and services. When used with Outdoor Motion Viewers your Smart Home Alarm System can even use pre-recorded sounds and Z-Wave lights to deter intruders.

Comfort One




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Package Equipment  

1) Smart Home Automation Panel

3) Wireless Door/ Window Sensors

1) Wireless Motion Detector

1) Wireless Flood Sensor

1) Wireless Smoke Detector

Smart Features Included

Home Automation

Z-Wave Lights & Small Appliances

Z-Wave Thermostat Control

Z-Wave Door Locks/ Garage Door

Video Doorbell  Notifications

Water / Freeze & Flood Notifications

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Fire / Smoke Monitoring

Mobile Notification Alerts

Ultra-Sync Mobile App

Remote User Management

Echo Alexa Smart Home


Central Station Monitoring
hand thermostat.png
FREE Professional installation included

Interactive Security

24/7 Monitoring.

home automation locking.png

Smart Home


video monitoring.png

Video Monitoring

& Remote Viewing.


Energy Savings

& Management.

Fire , Medical &

Wellness Devices

Monitored Alarm Systems
Smart Home Alarm Sysems

Video Verification.

Ad-On any of the selected Honeywell Cameras to your package to gain the full features of video verification, 

Benefits of having video verification includes: Heightened safety in and around your home or business though immediate identification of real-time threats. Reduced unwanted expensive false alarms by eliminating non-essential dispatches of authorities. Lowered property risk through expert situation analysis by our professional Central Monitoring Station.

There are a variety of locations Video Verification can be used and applied on commercial and residential premises. This includes common residential indoor applications and commercial car parking lots for perimeter protection (along fence lines or boundary fences), Storage Fasicilities, There are a wide variety of reasons to use Video Verification, the priority of which may differ depending on the specific premises. The uses range from the high level of security and peace of mind it provides, and the increased priority from emergency services. 


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Our Servuces


We had IP Camera  Solutions  install a camera system at our home. We are very pleased with the results. Pedro is very knowledgeable and we would highly recommend his services.

Dave & Donna M

Our Security Specialist team is mainly focused to present our clients with clear and concise facts, which allows the client to make an informed and clear decision upon the selection of a security system that best fits their needs, along with any ongoing maintenance and support of the system. Our greatest approach by having the customer in mind always offsets the cost to provide value while still achieving the clients needs within an, economical and efficient conclusion to a Security system.

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