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Alarm Systems
Monitored Alarm Systems

Package Equipment

1) 2GiG Rely Wireless Panel

2) Wireless Door/Window Sensors

1) Wireless Motion Sensor

Smart Features


Mobile Automation

Check system status, arm/disarm and trigger automation's from virtually anywhere.



View live video and recorded video clips from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet.

Smart Home Lighting

Lights Come home to a safer environment by turning on lights prior to arriving.

Smart Door Locks

Knowing who's going and coming, grant access without the need to cut new keys each time, Close the garage door from the comfort of your bed. Unlock a door from the office to let a visitor into the home.


Smart Thermostats

Save energy and make your home feel the way you like it, adjust thermostats when leaving home, check the status on the go before arriving home. Come home to an ideal relaxation temperature.

Z-Wave Flood Sensors

Smart flood & freeze sensors can identify potential threats, including smaller leaks to large floods. Together with the functionality of the entire alarm system, the flood sensor can notify the customer via email alerts along with our Central Monitoring Station in the event of a small leak or freeze detection.

FREE Professional installation included

Interactive Security

24/7 Monitoring.

home automation locking.png

Smart Home


video monitoring.png

Video Monitoring

& Remote Viewing.


Energy Savings

& Management.

Fire , Medical &

Wellness Devices

Our Servuces


We had IP Camera  Solutions  install a camera system at our home. We are very pleased with the results. Pedro is very knowledgeable and we would highly recommend his services.

Dave & Donna M

Our Security Specialist team is mainly focused to present our clients with clear and concise facts, which allows the client to make an informed and clear decision upon the selection of a security system that best fits their needs, along with any ongoing maintenance and support of the system. Our greatest approach by having the customer in mind always offsets the cost to provide value while still achieving the clients needs within an, economical and efficient conclusion to a Security system.

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